Entity Drums


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I meticulously handcraft these drums from sustainably sourced Australian hardwood. Recorded, or played live, they articulate every stroke with warmth, resonance and projection. 

A solid timber hoop delivers my signature sound. To protect it from rim shots and cross sticking, I install a inner metal ring.

Jarrah's density allows it to ring and cut like a metal shell, while maintaining the warm earthy tones of a wooden drum. When the snares are engaged its metallic high end can cut through any mix. 

Hardware: PureSound snare wires, Trick multi step throw off. Hand made brass "OD" badge made in Orlando, Florida! 

Care Instructions

  • Keep indoors. Avoid direct sunlight exposure, even through open windows and doors. Sun exposure ages wood prematurely, and can darken the finish of the wood over time. Your snare is a work of art; kindly treat it as such.
  • Always transport your Entity OD in a drum bag. Dings and scratches accumulate quickly with an unprotected snare, and transporting your drum in a quality bag is highly recommended. Heavy impacts can be devastating to a stave construction snare, and it’s vital that your snare is protected from such situations. 
  • Never leave your snare in a vehicle. Environments with temperature fluctuations are not recommended for any extended period of time. Extreme cold, extreme heat, and high humidity levels should be avoided, if at all possible. 
  • Do not tune heads past medium/high tension. If you do need to “crank” your snare to a very high tension, do so slowly and evenly; making sure to relieve the tension (detune the drum) before storing your drum long term. Reduced tension and stress on the shells and hoops helps preserve the integrity of the joints.
  • Replace leather tension rod washers every 2 years. These washers help protect the wooden hoops, and will help your snare stay in tune for longer periods of time. 
  • Do not directly hit wooden parts of the top hoop with a drumstick. Your Jarrah hoops are incredibly durable, but are not intended to be played directly at full volume. Properly angling your rim shots, as to make contact with the metal inlay instead of the hoops, is optimal. 
  • This snare has been designed to have wild overtones, ring, and snare buzz. It is naturally open, loud, and aggressive. Mute at your discretion, using any combination of dampeners that are available on the market. (Adam recommends SlapKlatz, available on Amazon!)
  • Expect small chips around the tension rod holes as well as occasional slightly elliptical holes from the drilling holes by hand, also expect the tension rods angle to drift when the drum has tension on it. All of these points do not affect the sound of the drum in any way. 
  • Each Entity OD Snare comes with a warrantee for replacement of faulty components up to 12 months after purchase date. Should you damage your snare beyond normal wear and tear (from an accidental impact) repairs can be made with zero labor cost under the warrantee. Simply pay for parts and shipping, and we will issue the repair itself for free, up to 12 months. 

If you have any questions get in touch via the contact page.