Entity Drums


Regular price $800.00 USD

Shipped from Melbourne to the world with your choice of heads!
I meticulously handcraft these drums from sustainably sourced black walnut. Recorded, or played live, they articulate every stroke with warmth, resonance and projection. 

Solid timber hoops deliver my signature sound. To protect them from rim shots ands cross sticking I install an inner metal ring.

Black Walnut produces a vintage warm tone with thick sounding, yet defined mids. The transient attack is round and well balanced. The overall sound is very musical, giving you a wide range of tones, for many playing styles.

The bearing edge and shell construction allow for a very wide tuning range and controlled sound that gives you a hybrid of Birch & Maple.

RACK TOM SIZES 6 X 7" ( 3kg ) OR 8 X 7" ( 3kg ) OR 10 X 7" ( 3.5kg ) OR 12 X 7" ( 4kg ) OR 13 X 7" ( 4kg ) OR 14 X 7" ( 4kg )   

14" toms will require the DW 9000 or pearl S1030 snare stand. Stands not included.

Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for your drum to be constructed and posted. It generally takes 6 business days to arrive.

If you have any questions get in touch via the contact page.